Bill Binney on the NSA’s domestic surveillance “Stellar Wind” program

Preview of the documentary film “The Program” by Laura Poitras, as covered in the New York Times:

If you want a quick under-10-minute summary of what the big deal with the NSA, GCHQ etc hoovering up all of your data, this is a good one to watch. Remember, they are not only hoovering up Americans’ data – they are hoovering up any data they can get their hands on. This means that if you use any of the big American technology services (Google mail, Google search, Youtube, Microsoft Hotmail, Skype, Yahoo! Mail, Dropbox, Apple services, Amazon etc), your data is being collected.

2 thoughts on “Bill Binney on the NSA’s domestic surveillance “Stellar Wind” program

  1. If you’re interested in European Data protection, switch to these services:
    1. Search engine or
    2. Install to your web browser – you shouldn’t use Facebook, Twitter or any of the 60 odd Gooooooogle products… as they are the “surveillance infrastructure” (Zimmer).
    3. chat =
    4. mail.. well at the moment it’s – but startpage are due to release their private email services that are secret to the Patriot Act and Fisa. – they’re looking for beta testers if you want to sign up.
    5. use a VPN
    free = – to test out OpenVPN software etc.
    Most private VPN that I’ve found is – who will arm wrestle you on to OpenVPN client software.

    For cloud options and a major run down of privacy software – check out

    Thanks for running such a great privacy blog :)

  2. Hushmail cannot be trusted as it’s spilled to the spooks before:

    In fact, any service provider who has to hold your data is susceptible to this. It’s simply impossible to run a legitimate business in our “free” world without providing access to the spooks on demand. It’s not a technical problem that will be fixed with plugins, encryption etc (although ZRTP & OTR are promising protocols). It’s a policy problem.

    Quite simply, as a service provider, you can not legally keep secrets from the government. If the service provider has access to our data in the first place, they *will* pass it on to the spooks. They have to, or they go to jail.

    Only we, as private citizens, have some semblance of a right to keep our own secrets. We have to learn how to use crypto to guard small corners of our lives. We have to hide in the shadows like criminals, while working with everything we’ve got to change the laws that make providing private services illegal.

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