Good analysis of the “Why you should not get a CISSP” Twitter storm kicked up by the recent DEFCON talk of the same title.

- ex[b10w]sive security -

There’s been quite a lot of conversation on Twitter by the InfoSec community about the CISSP. Most of the hubbub has been generated by the Skytalk given by Timmay and a little help from Jericho at I was one of the fortunate folks to have a (nearly) front-row seat for this talk and I’ll be the first to say that I agree 100% with what was said. The title of the talk was “Why You Should Not Get A CISSP” – not “All CISSPs Are Dipshits” or “If You Have A CISSP: Kill Yourself” or “You Shouldn’t Be Hired In The InfoSec Community If You Have A CISSP”. There are plenty of folks out there who have a CISSP and are great assets to the community and are far better InfoSec folks than yours-truly. The main point of the talk was how the claims of the…

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