Tracking good samaritans

I got the following email from the other day, asking me to provide feedback on their service and the last hotels I stayed at.

Nothing wrong with that – I have no direct benefit from this but believe in the power of community feedback etc. So I thought what the heck, let’s take the time to complete a quick survey.

So I clicked on the “write a review” link in the email, which directed me to this URL:

…which redirected me to:;229503547;53487117;m?

…which finally takes me to a webpage that demands I download and execute Javascript code in my browser before displaying anything:

Asking for the “Privacy Policy”, takes me here:;229503547;53487117;m%3F

(I substituted my real information for the red text in the above URLs)

It’s an Orwellian world when requesting a privacy policy sends one’s personal information to a DoubleClick tracking page…

PS: If you want to know & control which websites your browser connects to, use Firefox with the RequestPolicy addon.

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