Malware infected, from the factory

2012: HP ship ProCurve 5400zl switches with infected flash cards

2010: IBM hands out infected USB sticks in a security conference.

2010: Dell ships replacement server motherboards containing a Windows worm.

2010: Olympus ships camera with infected memory card.

2010: Samsung ships smart phones with infected memory card.

2008: Samsung ships infected digital photo frames.

2008: HP ships Proliant servers with infected USB keys

2007: Apple ships iPods with the Troj/Bdoor-DIJ malware.

2007: TomTom ships malware-infected GPS SatNavs.

2006: McDonalds Japan hands out infected MP3 players as prizes

2005: I-O Data Device ships infected hard disk drives

2001: HP distributes infected printer drivers

2001: Microsoft distributes infected “security updates”

Know of other such incidents? (malware-infected hardware being shipped from high-profile vendors)

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UPDATE 17 June 2012: See’s Certified Pre-Owned for a more extensive list.

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