A glimpse into reality – the world’s response to wikileaks

They say you can see the true nature of people in a time of crisis. All sorts of organisations, from media outlets to governments, consist of people. So, what has the publication of low-secrecy US diplomatic cables taught us?

An Australian citizen is denied bail in the UK, because of a misdemeanor charge in Sweden. The charge, if proven to stand, would amount to a crime on the same level with *graffiti*. (jurisdiction? innocent until proven guilty? Habeas corpus?

Parts of the US government are blocking access to newspaper websites. Others are ordering or threatening their own personnel and university students not to read the leaked diplomatic cables.

“News contributors” on (predictably) FOX news (and politicians) are going on the record on national television, stating that Julian Assange should be assassinated.

If this is what gets shamelessly thrown out in the open, can you imagine what’s going on behind closed doors?

For more on the above: DemocracyNow! December 15th broadcast

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