The commercial malware industry

Whenever I talk to people about the need to be careful (vigilant?) online, run antivirus software, install updates, use secure browsers/plugins etc I get invariably told I’m being paranoid.

“Why would anyone attack me?”

“I have nothing of value, they’re welcome to my collection of dancing pig animations – haha”

“I’ve been online for years and nothing bad has happened, so relax with the alarmist propaganda, will ya?”

Thankfully there are people like Peter Gutmann around to eloquently lay out the playing field and to show people that “If you have a pulse, you’re a target”. Hopefully, this material will also make people care that their computers, Hotmail accounts and broadband connections are being used by criminals to make millions.

(this is from 2007, but I recently came across it and was so impressed I just had to spread the word)

Ladies and gentlemen, the commercial malware industry:



This is how crooks make millions out of our complacency. Perhaps it’s time to start caring about computer security and keeping what’s ours, ours.

UPDATE 31/01/11: A more succinct online tutorial by Sophos on “How cybercriminals steal your money“.

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